Sean W

Sean has practiced photography + cinematography for over seven years. Over the years, he's always found himself helping others on their journey to become better photographers and cinematographers. He's hosted workshops and participated in panels as a media specialist. He continues to spread his knowledge to many others through his courses and training sessions. One of his favorite parts of this journey is the fact that things are always different. No client or event is the same. That keeps him on his toes and pushes him everyday!

What You'll Learn

  • Camera Info

    Discover beginner and pro options available for purchase, as well as the most important settings that will help operate your camera's system for filming and streaming.

  • Audio

    Discover the microphone setup that best suits your budget and home setup needs, as well as the best audio settings to improve overall sound and quality.

  • Lighting

    Learn about different lighting kits, home setups, lighting intensity, distance, where to purchase from and much more!